SNS-PC TM Organic Insecticide Concentrate

SNS-PC TM Organic Insecticide Concentrate

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SNS-PC Organic Insecticide Concentrate

SNS-PC™ dehydrates and suffocates insect pests, creates a natural barrier that insects don’t like, and kills insect eggs and larvae. SNS-PC uses the finest coconut oil distilled natural and organic sodium lauryl sulfate, lauric acid and polyglyceryl oleate. This organic product kills insects on contact. Use in combination with SNS-209 and SNS-217 for a complete insect control program. This product can be used in all landscape, agricultural, turf, greenhouse, indoor, and residential applications. SNS-PC is exempt from EPA registration under minimum risk pesticides exempted under FIFRA section 25(b).

How it Works

SNS-PC Natural anionic surfactant and detergent properties disrupt the insect cell structure and respiratory membranes causing the insect to dehydrate, suffocate and die. Control of the insect is due to a natural barrier that causes surface tension changes (feels unpleasant when they walk on it) for up to 3-7 days then naturally breaks down. SNS-PC™ kills eggs and larvae by coating them with a shield which causes dehydration and prevents respiration. Therefore no hatching will occur, they will just dry out.


    • Active Ingredients 14.00%
    • Peppermint Extract 14.00%
    • Inert Ingredients 86.00%
    • Purified water, Polyglyceryl oleate, Lauric acid, Sodium stearate and Soap
    • Total 100%