Perfect Mix™ BLOOM Natural Fertilizer

Perfect Mix™ BLOOM Natural Fertilizer

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Perfect Mix™ BLOOM provides nutrients, natural plant extracts & minerals for the reproductive growth stage of the plant (Flowering and Fruiting). Combine Perfect Mix™ BLOOM with Perfect Mix™ GROW & Perfect Mix™ MICRO to provide a specialized nutrient system for rapidly growing plants during all phases of the growth cycle. Perfect Mix™ BOOM formula may be applied separately or in conjunction with our organic pesticides and fertilizers. Use in combination with Hydrobiotics (beneficial microbes) and 604 A (kelp and humus) for a soil and plant rejuvenation program.

How It Works

• Our combination of primary nutrients, natural extracts and pH buffers keep nutrients fully water soluble and available to plants.

• Ideal for all hydroponic, landscape, farming, and tree applications and as a nutrient supplement.