Plant & Tree Preservation

Plant and Tree preservation services for homes and businesses in Orange County, San Diego County, and surrounding Palm Springs.

At MTC Horticulture, we provide plant and tree preservations services in Orange County, San Diego County, and surrounding Palm Springs. Our plant health care programs can improve the appearance of your trees, increase their service life and make them more resistant to pests and disease. Not only do we treat trees we treat plants as well. When it comes to your exterior aesthetics, maintaining your trees, both large and small, is necessary to keep your overall look professional and clean.

We tailor each tree health program to the specific needs of your trees! Our professionals know the techniques and necessities of each species of tree so we can make sure that one is cared for properly, and at the right time of the year. Trees and plants in our care grow bigger, stronger and more beautiful. Give us a call at (951) 383-2442 for your free estimate!

Specialized Tree Injection Programs

Expected results from one treatment program:

  • Soil Decompaction and Aeration
  • Reduction of soil compaction
  • Proven to be the most effective method of successfully combating many pests and deceases 
  • Stimulation of root growth through the improvement of soil structure and aeration
  • Draining of waterlogged soils to reactivate natural biological processes in the soil injection of Granual Material
  • Reduces the likelihood of re compaction after treatments
  • Increases soil moisture retention with water retaining granules
  • Enhances soil nutrient through precise fertilization
  • Mitigating salt stress with specialized granular materials
  • Improves plant performance with organic bio stimulates and Biochar inoculation

We also include our specialized products and techniques such as bark banding and highly tailored tree injections that deliver everything your plants need directly to the root.



Add professional tree preservations services to your maintenance plan today! Keep your property aesthetically pleasing at all times at the right time in exactly the right way. We are experts in what we do!