Our Service Approach-

The MTC Horticulture Company offers a wide range of application services to meet the needs of our clients. Our Application division applies our natural and organic products including our Nature Thrive NATURAL Concentrated Weed Killer. This product is so safe it does not need an EPA number and can be safely sprayed around HOAs, parks and schools. 

MTC also has a tree injection, Tree Health Care, process where we use our proprietary blend of natural and organic products to rid your trees of disease, pests and nutrient issues.

Converting sports turf to natural and organic is a systematic approach of both products, cultural practices, soil microbe monitoring and irrigation efficiencies. MTC Horticulture Company has the expertise, the staff and the equipment to convert your sports turf and parks into a safer environment for the children as well as the public.

Our applicators, trucks and spray tanks are clearly labeled to ensure bystanders know that the products being applied are natural and organic. All areas being treated have signage clearly showing we are ALL NATURAL and /or ORGANIC.

Let MTC help your HOA, City, School District, sports fields and home go natural and organic with our custom application service plans.

We are licensed and insured for this work, including certified under the HEALTHY SCHOOLS ACT!