About us



Our Story

MTC Horticulture Company was built to serve a need. Our owners recognized the need in the horticulture industry for a company that could offer field knowledge and book knowledge to clients that desired sustainable horticulture. After consulting many clients, and following our hearts, we also recognized a need for high quality organic products that are effective. Products that are effective in the southwestern soils, the southwestern water, and with our southwestern pests. Our programs and products are scientifically designed for this purpose.

Our Approach

Our desire is to help people realize their dreams of sustainable horticulture by educating, consulting, and distributing organic products. In our environment where the water and soils are so poor for plant growth, going organic is difficult. These two key elements and their lack of quality directly affect organic and non-organic chemical and fertilizer efficacy. We're here to show you how to be successful on your path to beautiful and sustainable landscape. Our programs and products are designed to be effective on these conditions.