Weed Rot-Why an Organic AND Systemic Herbicide is Important to the Green Industry?

At MTC Horticulture Company we started out consulting landscape Contractors, HOAs, and farmers. We always consulted with sustainability in mind. There was always one piece to the puzzle that continued to make it difficult economically and operationally for our clients to fully transition to sustainable ways. Herbicides.


In the southwest, there is insect pressure, disease pressure and other pest pressures but by far the biggest pressure our clients face when becoming sustainable is weeds. There are “organic” certified herbicides on the market, but they do not kill the weeds to the roots. These products are a topical burn down only and many weeds soon return. Not only are these products expensive as an alternative to the leading synthetic non-selective herbicide, but the labor to come back and make multiple applications is not economically feasible.

WEED ROT organic product

Many of these “organic” certified products require full PPE or personal protective equipment such as full chemical proof coveralls and or respirators. They have “Warning” labels becuase of the eye irritation they cause to the applicator and any passers bye. This wouldn’t do for us at MTC Horticulture Company. We felt that if we were going to change the industry we needed to help create a Weed Killer that was truly organic and safe. A weed killer that was prop 25b exempt and needed no EPA number. No signal word. Safe for people and the environment. Economically feasible.

Minimum risk pesticides that meet certain criteria are exempt from federal registration under section 25(b) of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA). These products must only use ingredients, which is a short list, that are deemed natural and safe by the EPA. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not review or register pesticides that satisfy the 25(b) criteria, though registration is required by most states. For information on minimum risk pesticides in your state, please contact your state's pesticide registration office.

We spoke to many manufacturers but found only one that believed in our cause and our visions as well as had the knowledge to create a product that would perform although it was organically based. This company is Sierra Natural Science. They had the proprietary knowledge and facilities to help us create such a product- An organic, non-selective, systemic herbicide. A natural weed killer that kills weeds to the roots! Weed Rot.

We are excited to bring this product to market allowing our clients, commercial growers, commercial landscapers and the public stop the use of dangerous herbicides AND keep labor costs down. Help them stop putting these chemicals into the environment but also keep the quality of produce, plants and their landscape. At MTC we will continue to strive to bring cutting edge organic ideas and products to the market.


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